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"Classic is always current" Vova Urman

VOVA URMAN salon – is the author’s salon of Vladimir Urman. The third generation hairdresser with many years of experience in USA has gathered the team of professionals in the areas: Hair care: complex coloring, model Haircut, SPA hair procedures, hair reconstruction. Nail service: different manicure and pedicure techniques, all types of coating. Makeup: modeling of eyebrows, make-up from nude to evening, lamination of eyelashes, long-term styling of eyebrows. Body care: relax massage, modeling procedures, detox programs. Depilation: removing of hair with hot wax. In the lounge area of the salon you can hold business meeting, and at the same time have a lunch. The menu includes European cuisine and healthy snacks. Salon cooperates with premium brands which products may be bought in the sales area.


  • Hairdressing service, therapy for hair
  • Philip Martins deep moisturizing hair, 1 length2200₴
  • Philip Martins deep moisturizing hair, 2 length2500₴
  • Philip Martins deep moisturizing hair, 3 length2700₴
  • ORIBE Beautiful Color hair treatment₴2000₴ - 2400₴
  • Absolute happiness for hair LEBEL treatment, 1 length2000₴
  • Absolute happiness for hair LEBEL treatment, 2 length2250₴
  • Absolute happiness for hair LEBEL treatment, 3 length2500₴
  • Absolute happiness for hair LEBEL treatment, 4 length2800₴
  • Hair reconstruction and treatment with LaBiosthetique PC Complex 3, 1 length1000₴
  • Hair reconstruction and treatment with LaBiosthetique PC Complex 3, 2 length1250₴
  • Hair reconstruction and treatment with LaBiosthetique PC Complex 3, 2 length1500₴
  • ORising Treatment2500₴
  • BALMAIN hair treatment₴1500₴ - 2200₴
  • BALMAIN treatment for a blond hair₴1500₴ - 2200₴
  • Ladies’ haircut + styling1800₴ - 2500₴
  • Men’s haircut1000₴ - 1500₴
  • Beard trimming250₴ - 500₴
  • Children’s haircut600₴ - 1000₴
  • Bangs500₴
  • Сoloring with the hair dye of the customer1500₴ - 2000₴
  • Сoloring (re touch) + hair drying2500₴ - 3500₴
  • Сoloring (re touch) + haircut + styling3500₴ - 5000₴
  • Сoloring along the entire length + hair drying3000₴ - 4000₴
  • Сoloring along the entire length + haircut + styling4000₴ - 6000₴
  • Highlights + Hair drying5000₴ - 8000₴
  • Highlights + haircut + styling5500₴ - 8500₴
  • Coloring of hair roots+ highlighting + haircut + styling5000₴ - 7000₴
  • Color correction: balayage/ air-touch/ highlighting + treatment8500₴ - 12000₴
  • Ladies styling800₴ - 2000₴
  • Bridal hairstyle1500₴- 2000₴
  • Plaiting hair in braid600₴ - 1000₴
  • Shampooing + hair drying500₴
  • Makeup, eyebrows microblading, eye area aesthetics
  • Eyebrows correction200₴ - 300₴
  • Eyebrows tinting350₴
  • Eyelashes tinting300₴
  • Express make-up600₴
  • Day makeup800₴ - 1200₴
  • Evening makeup1200₴ - 1500₴
  • Bridal makeup1500₴ - 2000₴
  • Make-up for photo shoots1500₴ - 2000₴
  • Eyelash lamination1800₴
  • Eyelash lamination + SPA care2400₴
  • Eyebrow lamination1400₴
  • Body care
  • Classic massage - 45 minutes900₴
  • Classic massage - 60 minutes1100₴
  • Classic massage - 90 minutes1400₴
  • Modeling massage - 60 minutes1200₴
  • Modeling massage - 60 minutes1500₴
  • Toning rosemary peeling massage is 60 minutes(ALPEOR)1600₴
  • Wrapping with lift effect for 90 minutes (ALPEOR)800₴
  • Dynamic rosemary scrub + wrapping with lift effect for 90 minutes (ALPEOR)1800₴ - 2000₴
  • Detox system: scrub + massage with cream for 60 minutes (PHILIP MARTINS)2000₴
  • Detox system: scrub + massage with oil for 90 minutes (PHILIP MARTINS)2200₴
  • Detox system: scrub + wrapping + massage for 90 minutes (PHILIP MARTINS)2300₴
  • Detox system: scrub + wrapping + massage+ сoncentrated fluid for 90 minutes (PHILIP MARTINS)2600₴
  • Waxing
  • Lip Waxing300₴
  • Underarm Waxing500₴
  • Arm Waxing550₴ - 700₴
  • Leg Waxing (complete/shin/hip)700₴ - 1000₴
  • Bikini Waxing: Brazilian/partial700₴ - 1000₴
  • Back waxing900₴
  • Manicure/Pedicure, SPA for Hands, Gel Nail Modeling
  • Manicure600₴
  • Pedicure800₴
  • Partial pedicure500₴
  • Nail correction180₴
  • BAEHR Machine Manicure750₴
  • BAEHR Machine Pedicure950₴
  • Polishing with OPI, JESSICA, and MOLLON PRO nail polish220₴
  • Gel polish: OPI, KODI, MOLLON PRO370₴
  • Gel polish: OPI, KODI, MOLLON PRO French420₴
  • Gel polish Luxio470₴
  • Aerography 1 nail80₴
  • Nail extension with Natura Gel1500₴
  • Nail correction with Natura Gel1200₴
  • Partial correction with Natura Gel600₴ - 700₴
  • Buffing Nails120₴
  • Cosmetology, machine cosmetology
  • Facial cleansing ISCLINICAL/DMK1400₴ - 1900₴
  • DERMACEAUTIC peeling1300₴ - 1700₴
  • PRX-T peeling1800₴
  • PRX-T(reverse peel) peeling2300₴
  • Сomplex face care IMAGE/ISCLINICAL/DMK1400₴ - 2000₴
  • Modeling facial massage (ALPEOR)400₴
  • Filler dissolution1400₴ - 1800₴
  • Elimination of hyperhidrosis: armpits area / foot area / palm area6700₴ - 7500₴
  • Laser / photo acne treatment540₴ - 780₴
  • Earlobe piercing1000₴
  • Laser hair removal
  • STANDARD PACKAGE (deep bikini + armpit)1000₴
  • STANDART PACKAGE+(deep bikini, armpits, legs completely)2500₴
  • Small face area (female)250₴
  • Small face area (male)350₴
  • Full face (female)750₴
  • Full face (male)900₴
  • Armpits (female)400₴ - 500₴
  • Armpits (male)450₴ - 500₴
  • Hand up to elbow550₴ - 700₴
  • Hands completely₴700 - 1000₴
  • Top of hands (male)550₴ - 700₴
  • Small areas (hands, fingers)250₴
  • Deep bikini (pubis, vulvar lips, intergluteal cleft, panty line)850₴ - 1000₴
  • Panty line bikini (2-3 cm indent)450₴
  • Extra bikini (vulvar lips, intergluteal cleft)650₴
  • Bikini, pubis and panty line650₴ - 750₴
  • Pubic area (male)800₴ - 1000₴
  • Buttocks (female)500₴ - 700₴
  • Buttocks (male)700₴ - 1000₴
  • Legs fully1700₴ - 2200₴
  • Hips1000₴ - 1400₴
  • Shanks without knees800₴ - 1100₴
  • Knees250₴
  • Hips partially600₴ - 800₴
  • Small areas (toes, feet)250₴
  • Full belly (female)500₴ - 700₴
  • Full belly (male)700₴ - 900₴
  • Sacral bone400₴ - 600₴
  • Back and shoulders (male)1400₴ - 1800₴
  • Men’s chest800₴ - 1100₴
  • Small areas (areolas, white line)250₴


An important feature of the brand La Biosthétique Paris consists in offering individual products and services in the premium segment. These products are aimed precisely to the needs of salon customers in fashion, elegance and life style., Hairdressers of La Biosthétique implement “The Culture of Total Beauty” concept at the highest level of quality due to high-quality products for hair, and skin, body cosmetics, make-up of the French cosmetic group and a unique range of services for the industry.
Mauro Trimigliozzi has founded Philip Martin’s in 2006 – a company that was arisen from the wish to create hair and skin care products on the basis of organic, natural and biocompatible cosmetic philosophy.
Balmain Paris Hair Couture, being of the part of the fashion brand Balmain Paris, has more than 40 years of experience in combination with basis of haircuts according to the latest podium trends. The collections are inspired by secrets behind the scene and reflect s everything a woman needs to have the perfect image inspired by the podium. Over these 40 years Balmain Paris Hair Couture has affirmed its legitimacy in the area of luxury.
LebeL developed high-end, premium-quality hair care products ideally suited to professional use, with a product lineup that has expanded from pro hair salon products like perming agent and colorant to include popular hair care and styling products for general consumers as well. LebeL consistently lends an ear to feedback from hair professionals, and has grown as a brand that fulfills hair design needs.
Channelling timeless glamour, Oribe is the ultimate in luxe hair care, having gained a cult celebrity following and a permanent position in the hearts (and on the bathroom shelves) of the beauty world’s best tressed. Uniting skin care-grade technology with traditional craftsmanship, natural actives and a firm belief that healthy hair is essential for glamorous styling, Oribe is nothing short of hair care alchemy – and very high up on your locks’ wish list.
ORising products are produced mainly from the selected raw materials containing essential elements of natural origin, selected according to the experience and researches of those who is looking forward. ORising harmoniously solves any problem by offering specific treatments for the skin and hair, due to the effective and complete absorption.
NANOGEN 3X is a professional power tool for hair strengthening and growth. NANOGEN 3X uses the latest technologies in order to create growth factors, which are identical to natural.
The main feature of APOT.CARE makeup consists in the use of ingredients that have been previously used only in ophthalmology. APOT.CARE provides anti-age solutions for effective restoration of youth.
Institut Esthederm cosmetics are a union of high technology and biology that are used in skin care. Purpose: to support the skin in a constantly changing environment. All Institut Esthederm products work to improve the skin's own defense system and maintain the balance of the individual skin ecosystem.
Magicstripes is a unique line of facial sheet masks and eye-lifting pads which provide fast results with high quality ingredients and materials. The brand was founded by editorial and celebrity makeup artist, Natalie Franz, who works for many of the top magazines and fashion houses in Europe. She discovered the eye-lifting strips in Japan and then re-engineered them to fit different eye sizes using a demo-tested adhesive that does not cause irritation.
Alpeor uses ingredients whose properties have been tested and proven during laboratory tests; Safety: to adhere to a strict charter, Alpeor does not use in the formulas: parabens, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, silicone, ethanol, chemical dyes, does not test products on animals; Comfort: based on high-tech formulas, Alpeor creates products with a light, quickly absorbed texture, smoothing the complexion and filling the skin with radiance.
Juliette Armand cosmetics are products of a Greek company which has been extremely popular for several decades. At the creation of Juliette Armand cosmetics, manufacturers have focused on innovation, efficiency and safety in use. Juliette Armand professional makeup includes products that are necessary for comprehensive skin and body care.
AKZENTZ Company presents a modern line for manicure and pedicure - LUXIO. LUXIO -100% gel, which provides a strong, stable, beautiful color polish, protects the nail from external damage and gives a glossy shine! LUXIO assortment consists of 134 luxurious shades and professional products that provide easy and comfortable use. The big advantage is that lacquers have an improved formula that is not as damaging nails!
For the past 30 years, OPI company has been known worldwide as nail trendsetter. OPI company is a recognized leader in the nail industry and a real giant in its industry: 110 countries on 6 continents choose OPI. Annually, the company produces 55 million bottles of nail polish, it is constantly updating the range of products for the care and SPA series.
"Kodi Company" provides a wide and constantly updating range of professional materials for nail extension and design; it has its own brand "Kodi professional". As for today, "Kodi professional" products are in high demand in many countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany, Italy, Spain; and the geography of our offices continues to grow steadily.
Mollon PRO Professional is a French technology, French quality and French style. Professional products for nail styling and hand care based on modern technologies and innovations in the cosmetic industry. Mollon PRO creates new products and takes care of ladies beauty and style with inspiration and enthusiasm.
CND Creative Nail Design Company is a European company founded in 1979. For over thirty years, it has been involved as a partner in the cinema industry and global podium fashion shows.
MASURA company was founded in 2002. The company introduces an extensive series of products for the Japanese manicure: more than 40 products intended for the natural nail treatment and nail care.
Jessica is a unique system based on the principle that all nails are different. It is a set of tool, with the use of which we get not only a quality manicure but also healthy natural nails! With Jessica nail polishes your image will always be perfect.
Professional care for the health and treatment of problem feet became possible due to the German innovation appeared in the 1960s, namely due to the discovery of machine pedicure or chiropodo- and pedicure. Creators of chiropody set high standards in the performance of machine techniques. “BAEHR” cosmetics were among the first appropriate cosmeceutics.
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